Supporting the Soldiers

NewsChannel 5 Network: School System Leaves Soldier Behind

Wow. This is one of those things that just leaves my jaw on the floor.

Regardless of any political feelings I have regarding the war, I see supporting the folks who fight it as a totally separate issue. These are people who are going off to risk their lives in support of their country–i.e., us–and that deserves respect. To say that a National Guardsman sent to Afghanistan should have simply told his superior that he needed to be home in time to teach his classes…

I’m nearly speechless with disbelief. This is a director of schools who is apparently not living in reality. You cannot simply put world politics, national politics, or the military on hold because they interfere with your school schedule, and a man should not be punished for trying to do the right thing by his country. Yes, wars are hella inconvenient for everyone involved. But they’re a whole lot more inconvenient for the folks in the middle of the fighting than for this director of schools, who apparently needs a priority overhaul, not to mention a schooling in federal employment laws.

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