Okay, I think I finally found the new style for this blog. It’s nice, elegant and functional–imagine that! Anyway, it’s again from the style contest, and this one is called the literary life. I wasn’t going to choose a writing-themed style, since that seemed overly obvious, but it’s the one elegant, attractive theme that I could get to work. So, designer Carolyn Smith wins as far as I’m concerned, even if she didn’t win the contest.

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2 comments on “WOOHOO!
  1. Adam says:

    I’ve just switched to a Style Contest design as well. Some of them are very nice indeed.

  2. I wish more of them worked. I liked the “oldnotes” style, but found that the title at the top of the page seemed to be an unchangeable graphic that said “the style contest” rather than using the blog’s actual title!

    Truthfully though, the style browser didn’t do this one justice, and I’m glad I ended up using it.

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