got the first cafepress items yesterday…

I have my own This is my alt shirt now (I really like how soft the shirt is, and how smooth the direct-transfer design looks). The Elixir of Coffee large mug revealed that when using a dark background, the text color comes out darker on items than in the image I was seeing on my computer, so I’ve color-corrected a handful of black-background items.

Update on Bev and the lost kitties: Apparently mama cat has FIV; Bev knew there was the possibility of an infectious illness in an outdoor cat, so she’d kept mama and babies apart from her own cats. Unfortunately though, this means she won’t be able to keep the cats, and that it’s going to be even harder to find a home for them because they’ll need to find someone who doesn’t have cats already and doesn’t mind taking care of a cat with an illness.

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