Hazy Path

Take a look at this hazy path through the forest. Free-write about where it leads to, where it comes from, or what wonders or dangers lie along the way. Alternatively, check out the FARK photoshop thread where I found this for unusual variations to free-write from (ranging from the strange to the ugly to the sublime).

ElectronChaser’s arrow-ful entry brings to mind some particularly unusual questions, as does PirateKing’s construction-themed brainstorm. (There are one or two almost-not-quite safe-for-work entries, so I wouldn’t recommend opening that link at a particularly strict workplace.) Supdog’s magical entry could certainly inspire odd flights of fancy, as could Gulliver’s mirrored creations and Roger Mexico’s reflective artifact. In fact, do a search in that thread for “Roger Mexico” and check out all of his unreal images–if you’re looking for inspiration for a particularly surreal piece of writing, you’ll definitely find it in that thread!

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