Heat and Coolth

Okay, so “coolth” isn’t really a word, but I always thought it should be.

One of the nifty things about replacing your A/C house unit at the end of its viable lifespan–i.e., fifteen years of use–is that you really notice how much technology has improved since the last unit. We have it set at the same temperature as the last one and yet it feels cooler in here. It’s also quieter. There’s a nifty new filter system attached that has a big ol’ filter you only have to change out once a year.

Looks like we’re going to have to get a couple thousand dollars’ worth of electrical work done after this, though, since there are some things that aren’t up to code or aren’t entirely safe for one reason or another. Sure, odds are they wouldn’t cause a problem, but if they did, the problem they’d cause would be the house burning down. I don’t want to play the odds on something like that. Well, I guess the furniture will be delayed yet further until we pay that off.

We had to separate the cats today–the contractors are finishing off the last of the ductwork and such, and the cats refuse to peaceably share a room. Can’t say I blame ’em. You can really tell that Siamese is one of the breeds that got mixed into the Cornish Rex line–wow are those two talkative! Any time they hear one of us moving around they detonate.

Oh yeah, umm, another new cafepress design (yes, I am insane), as usual available in shirts, buttons, stickers, mugs, etc. I call it “Area of Effect”:


I couldn’t resist the addition of the, uh, wand.

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2 comments on “Heat and Coolth
  1. Scott M says:

    Congrats on the cool; I’m dreading the day we make that replacement. (Though I’m sure the efficency gains will be appreciated once it’s done, I’m not eager to hasten the end of our current system.)

  2. Yeah, it’s quite the investment. Having to replace the furnace at the same time was a real double-whammy. Particularly followed up by electrical work. But, boy will the house systems be in great shape for the next while now. 😉

    The hard part of owning a house: having to deal with all the repairs and upgrades. The awesome part of owning a house: having the freedom to decide what gets done and what doesn’t, rather than having to rely on a landlord to make the right decisions for you.

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