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This whole airplane plot makes me very, VERY glad my husband is flying back from Maine today, not Britain. Okay, that’s a self-centered way to view the news, but there you have it. The first thing that matters to me is, the most important person in my life is safe. After that I can be grateful that everyone else is too.

Of course I’m sure most people have heard about the British Petroleum pipe shutdown. Greg Palast’s take on it makes for a fascinating read, and one that’s all too believable. What’s scary at this point isn’t that companies would do such things, but that it’s so commonplace and so expected that I’m not even surprised any more.

The best story of the day, however, is hands-down Bob Rybarczyk’s take on the Baby Suri Watch. It so beautifully skewers today’s media focus, and is laugh-out-loud funny.

The last two of the above links were found on FARK.

[Edited to add:] Whoops! Almost forgot. New review posted yesterday, of Jeff Abbott’s Panic.

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