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Blargh. I know there are plenty of people who live in hot, humid areas without the benefit of air conditioning, and that I’m a total wimp. It’s 85 or so upstairs, humid, and without the usual benefit of having the air in the house filtered through a hepa filter. Allergies, heat and humidity all tend to give me difficulties even when taken separately; together, they knock me flat. Even downstairs it’s getting sticky and warm despite being almost entirely underground, probably as much because we’ve spent almost all of our home-time down here as anything else. And of course, the grass pollen count has been particularly bad of late. I signed up for Pollen.com’s automatic daily pollen emails–rather handy.

On the plus side we used the air conditioning malfunction as an excuse to get out of the house this weekend and go see some movies, etc. We saw “The Descent” on Saturday; I was surprised at the ways in which it tended to depart from horror movie formulas, and quite enjoyed it. Yesterday we saw “A Scanner Darkly”, which was pretty fascinating. We also picked up some books–perhaps more than was wise–and I imagine they’ll find their ways into my reviews.

I have no idea how early the repair folks are coming today; hopefully very early. After they leave I imagine I’ll take a nap in the cooler air (assuming they fix it) and then hopefully get some work done. I’m in the middle of reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology” for review, and I’m hoping to review the “Storyweaver” software this week.

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Oh, an interesting little link to go with today’s early-morning ramblings: You order grouper; what do you get? (Link found on FARK.) Apparently many restaurants (knowingly, unknowingly, or they-should-really-know-better) serve cheaper fish, but tell you they’re giving you grouper and charge accordingly.

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