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Darn it! I was going to post a link to a cool post on cheesecake baking tips I found on a blog yesterday, but sometime between then and now the blog got protected and made private. 🙁

Also, here’s a sobering and interesting view on the war in Iraq. I generally try to stay away from political stuff here for various reasons, but sometimes when I find a particularly interesting perspective that doesn’t read the same as every other post or article out there, I decide to link it.

Anyway, this being me I couldn’t help making yet more designs. And today was a good day in sales (yay!):


I think people are definitely missing out on something when it comes to selling gamer shirts. Most designs I see come in one of two varieties, obviously with some exceptions–guys’ shirts, and shirts aimed very specifically at women (i.e., “gamer girl” and similar designs). What you don’t see so much of is normal gamer designs available in women’s items. Which is why I find it interesting that quite a few of our sales have been of that latter variety. I just naturally created those because, well, I’m a woman, and I’m into gaming.

Edited to add: Had to come back and add another link, to a hilarious comic about blogging and AdSense, via a post on Scobleizer/Tech Geek Blogger.

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