New A/C and Furnace

Well, the A/C is off again as we get our new A/C and furnace installed.

The good:

  • No more bailing out the A/C’s bedpan… uh, I mean, bucket… every 2-3 hours.
  • No more turning the A/C off at night for worry of the bucket overflowing.
  • Hopefully no repeats of last winter’s oil leak filling the house with fumes.
  • We shouldn’t have to replace either system again for a good long time (fingers crossed).
  • In a miracle of good timing, I think today must be the first relatively cool day we’ve had this summer so far, or at least this month–it’s only 77 F (as of an hour ago anyway), with a projected high of 82 and partly cloudy.

The bad (or at least mildly unpleasant):

  • No A/C today. It may be cool, but it’s rather humid (82%).
  • The bill. *shudder* Looks like we’ll have to delay getting some of the furniture we want.
  • Having to keep the cats shut in the back room so they don’t get underfoot and stick their noses into the work, especially as Selene would probably try to eat something horrid for her. They have plenty of fresh water, but the air will be fairly still and humid, and they just HATE being cooped up (can’t blame ’em). In fact, I just heard the first yowling and hissing–back in a sec.

Ahem. ANYway. In wonderful news, we FINALLY found a good Chinese restaurant here. The ones we tried before now really haven’t been very good. This one has wonderful food, including an awesome dried shredded beef recipe. These folks still do things right–recipes with a sweet/savory taste still have a touch of sweet to them; they aren’t drowned in sugar-syrup the way a lot of restaurants have started doing things.

Oh yeah, and one new Cafepress design, I think my favorite to date:

Loot Tax–Shirts, Bags, Buttons, Magnets, Stickers, and More!

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