No adjectives?!

Today, pick any other exercise from this blog (or any other source you wish); you might even choose one you’ve done before. Write it without using any adjectives of any kind; simply pretend that adjectives don’t exist as a part of speech. If you’re doing a free-write this can be difficult; in this case, write what comes out and don’t worry too much about whether you’re including adjectives–go back through afterward and ruthlessly cross out each and every one you’ve used. Next, rewrite the whole thing so that you manage to say what you want to say despite not having any adjectives to work with–use strong verbs and nouns as much as possible.

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Would you really want to write entirely without adjectives? Of course not. I imagine there are a few people who could make it work, but adjectives exist for a reason. However, this is a great exercise to force you to strengthen your nouns and verbs, which tend to be far more important (and have far more impact) than your adjectives. It can also do interesting things to your style as you try to talk around the things you can’t figure out how to say without those adjectives.

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