Object Blending

Wander around your house or apartment for a bit and really look at the items around you. Pick three items that just don’t go together; for example, I might grab an ivory-colored pillar candle, a surgical steel griddle, and a cat bed. Use all three items in one of the following types of writing:

  • Free-associate off of the combination and free-write for at least 10 minutes or two sides of a sheet of paper.
  • Write a scene that includes all three items.
  • Describe a setting that includes all three items.
  • Write a journal entry (from the point of view of a fictional character) that makes mention of all three items.

Sometimes ideas come from combining the most unlikely or seemingly unrelated things. This can refer to ideas, characters, or concepts, or it can literally refer to random items. See where this exercise takes you and keep an open mind.

Got Loot?

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