Sleep and Pillows

*shudder* Totally exhausted this morning, and half-memories tell me it’s because of a particularly intricate series of nightmares. Wish I could remember more of them; they’d make great fiction fodder.

Speaking of sleep, my old neck pillow–a simple round tube filled with buckwheat hulls–is way too old and needs to be replaced. Besides, although it keeps my old neck injury from hurting, it’s uncomfortable in other ways. When I inevitably roll onto my side and my ear presses against it, my ear ends up squooshed and painful because the pillow is kind of hard.

This weekend we got me a “memory foam” pillow–one of those things that’s supposed to conform to the shape of your head. Unfortunately it still wasn’t enough neck support. It felt absolutely luxurious, but after several nights the agony returned. So, my husband has a new pillow. Next I’m going to try the Viscotech memory foam support pillow. Hopefully the curvature will be deep enough, while being soft enough that sleeping on my side won’t hurt either. And hopefully it will last me for many, many years at that price!

You’d think that after 14 years my neck would be be better–and well, in some ways it is. A whole lot of yoga and qigong released some of the pressure on the occipital nerve and re-aligned my spine more properly. Unfortunately I just can’t do anything that presses my head forward and reduces the curvature of my neck or it all comes back, and there’s nothing like head-splitting agony to make it easy to remember the right habits.

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