The cutest two pictures you’ll see today

If you like animals you just have to check out these deer-and-dog photos. A dog adopted a fawn, and the picture of the dog bottle-feeding the fawn (no, I’m not joking) is the most adorable thing ever. Link found on fark, naturally.

I now have another favorite design in our cafepress store besides loot tax:

Healthy Food Doesn’t Have to Suck

I just couldn’t help myself with that one. It popped into my head and wouldn’t leave.

The contractors we got to do our furnace and A/C were awesome. They’re the kind of guys who seem to have fun with their work–and believe me, you’re more likely to get good work out of folks like that than folks who hate what they’re doing. They really paid attention to the little details, which is something you so rarely seem to see these days–right down to things like cleanly tying back all the wiring and such. It took them all of Saturday and much of Sunday to do the job, but they really did a thorough job.

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