Useless Gifts

It’s tough to know what to give someone else as a gift, and some people seem to have a special knack for finding utterly useless or obnoxious gifts. You can do this exercise from the point of view of either yourself or a fictional character of your choice. Imagine that someone has given you the worst, most annoying, most useless, yet expensive gift possible. Freewrite about one or more of the following:

  • The gift itself
  • The gift-giver
  • The scene in which the gift is presented
  • A short story in which the gift plays a prominent or pivotal role

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You might find it easiest to start with a freewrite about things that you find useless and annoying as gifts, to help you pin down the ultimate useless gift. Then you can use something more structured (such as a scene, dialogue, or story) as a follow-on exercise.

If you’re using yourself instead of a fictional character in this exercise, then feel free to write about an actual gift you’ve received.

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