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Ctrl+Alt+Del has recently introduced a new series of comic panels on the theme of a “gamer’s glossary”. First up was the definition of squeaker–hilarious, but definitely NOT safe for work, nor for kids, due to language. Second up is today’s entry, the difference between “newb” and “noob”. Make sure to check them both out, and hopefully there’ll be more!

Applegeeks has gotten better and better lately. Hawk’s style experimentations have really worked out well, I think, as have Ananth’s experimentations with storyline. Nifty stuff! I also love what they’ve done with the simple little Applegeeks Lite strip. My favorite so far is Forum Spike. It is a testament to how literal and sense-of-humor-impaired some folks are that when Hawk posted a blog post about doing the comic with fingers decorated with bits of cut-and-paste art, not everyone realized it was a joke. Oh, and Ananth now has a writing blog up. A last comment for the folks who keep “demanding” that the comic head in this or that direction, “go back to being funny”, or what have you–it’s free. If folks don’t like the stuff that Hawk and Ananth play around with, they’re entitled to a refund of what they spent to read the comic–which is to say, absolutely nothing. Readers are certainly free to express their opinion of the comic, but it would be nice if they’d remember that the comic isn’t theirs to control.

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2 comments on “Webcomics lately
  1. Scott M says:

    Those both look good; given my girlfriend’s recent transition to Mac fangirl, Applegeeks lightlooks perfect. She’s the one who normally reads Ctrl-Alt-Del, but she’s been swamped enough that I’ll send these to her.

  2. My “favorite” web comic rotates. Partially because my tastes just won’t always jibe with the artist/writer’s, and partially because I have such a short attention span. 😉 Flintlocke, Penny Arcade, Applegeeks, and CAD are my favorites. I also really love Mac Hall and Chisuji, although Mac Hall’s server has been having problems lately so I’ve had trouble getting to them, and the newest artist’s style over at Chisuji just isn’t really to my tastes (he’s good–it just isn’t my kind of style).

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