Almost done…

…with the latest review book. Wheee! Some of the productivity came to a screeching halt for a while today; for some reason I was really sleepy for most of the day. I did play around with cafepress designs for a while, though, so I have some stuff queued up and ready to deploy over time. I did put out one new design, though, since I haven’t put up many non-mmorpg/warcraft designs in a bit:


This one is meant to be a fun, inexpensive little self-promotional tool for authors. Just wear a shirt or a button, carry a bag, or use a mug, and get people asking you about that book you just published. Great for self-published authors in particular!


Unfortunately my hands are killing me today, but at least I have plenty of review books I can read instead of doing too much typing. And, well, it’s a weekend now. Speaking of which, have a great one!

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