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Today’s writers’ exercise was inspired by the inlaid wooden boxes I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post about the Renaissance festival.

Today feels a little scattered and I’m having trouble getting down to anything. I’m reading two review books. We’ve started making ice creams and such out of the Sundaes cookbook in order to review that, and we promised the friend who’s visiting us that we’d make cheesecake this week, so we’ll probably do that today. I also want to review that piece of cat furniture we had such excitement assembling, and there’s some other cooking I’d like to do as well.

There’s a two-inch-long cricket hiding in this room somewhere–and I do mean that the body alone is two inches long; the legs are apparently an added bonus. I’m trying to avoid getting surprised by it; I handle bugs much better when they don’t startle the hell out of me. Of course I am getting much better about them in general, again as long as I don’t find them on me; we have a nice big garden spider (black and yellow argiope) [defunct link removed] spinning her web right next to our front porch, and I’ve managed to not freak out about having her there.

I think I’m rambling, which probably means I’m trying to avoid deciding what to do next. Cook? Read? Review the cat furniture? Hmm… Or, work on cafepress designs?

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