Cat fights, cat condos, and flat tires

Sadly the inspector didn’t make it out yesterday, so I have to stay awake again today waiting for him. Which is complicated by the fact that I really should make an appointment with the doctor to find out if I have a kidney infection, and you just shouldn’t delay that kind of question.

So, plenty of coffee for me, I guess. *yawn* The cats got into a fight in the middle of the night last night, so I spent several rounds of separating them at 4:30 am, and finally had to put Cahlash in the back room until it was time to get up. We think it may partially be an argument over territory; we’re getting them a second litterbox (Selene is kind of possessive of the one we have now) and we’re getting a nice big piece of cat furniture we can put in front of the bay window so they can both enjoy the sun without having to fight over it. It’s pretty darn cool, I have to admit. The description of it was written up practically like a realty listing:

How could we resist?!

Anyway, already reading the next review book: “Novelist’s Boot Camp.” And of course, planning to make sundaes this weekend so I can write the review of Turback’s sundaes book. It looks like epinions finally updated their database, so I was able to add a bunch of my old reviews from the last year there.

Edited to add: Our joy of the morning was discovering that one of the shiny new tires put on the car yesterday is dead flat this morning. Grrrrr….

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2 comments on “Cat fights, cat condos, and flat tires
  1. Scott M says:

    I sent a picture of your mighty cat tree to my girlfriend… we’re currently trying to build one. Let me tell you, a skill saw is not a power saw if you want parallel cuts.

  2. Sounds like you’re having an exciting time. Assembling one is definitely easier than building one, but it was still exciting. It would have been much easier had the instructions been anything resembling adequate. I wish you much good luck! On the plus side the cats just adore the thing.

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