Cats in the bath and a Level 60 Nerd

Okay, I just had to pimp the “Cats in the bath” design when I found it on Cafepress, because it made me giggle (found via Pentimento):

Also, our latest design is up. I hope you’ll enjoy the little details of the “level 60 nerd” design:


Traditional edit: This does leave me to wonder what you’d end up with if you combined cats in the bath with a level 60 nerd. Some very perplexed cats? One very injured nerd? A couple of level 60 cats with a taste for pizza and chips?

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One comment on “Cats in the bath and a Level 60 Nerd
  1. webduck says:

    Please forgive me for not seeing this sooner, and thanking you. I appreciate your posting my cat design on your site and promoting it! That was very nice of you. Glad you got a giggle out of the design too. 🙂

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