I’ve been unusually productive…

Well I’ve been unusually productive the last day or two, maybe because we’ve finally started getting back to the gym regularly. Something about exercise tends to do that to me. Anyway, part of what came out of this is two new cafepress designs:


WTB Portal to Reality, PST and Hands off! Protected by Devotion Aura. Did I mention that it seems like every time we get on line with our paladin partner in crime the t-shirt ideas start flying, and that we now have a list that fills up a sheet of paper of potential future designs?

I’m rather surprised at just how popular I’m not lazy, I’m just out of mana has become; I didn’t expect that to become our breakout hit. This is my alt is also picking up speed of late.

In other news, I’m more than halfway through another review book, so, review to come soon!

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