Japanese Vending Machines

Gotta love these photos and descriptions of Japanese vending machines (link found on FARK–where else?). Some are very handy and I wish we had them (dry ice dispensers in supermarkets!), while others are kind of scary (yes, in some places you have to buy toilet paper from vending machines in the public restrooms) and yet others are just plain bizarre (beetles?!). Then, of course, there are the infamous panty machines (even I had heard of those). It’s amazing how many things they have automated. Here, unfortunately, I can just imagine what would happen if, say, we got those dry ice machines in the supermarket. Some careless parent wouldn’t pay attention to their kid, who in a fit of stupidity would eat dry ice and get injured or something, and lawsuits would ensue. Feh. Personal responsibility has so little meaning these days–but then that’s a different rant.

Edited to add: Apparently CafePress is having some thumbnail image problems, which is why you might get broken image symbols there or on our links to there. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon. In the meantime, sometimes refreshing works, or you can check back later.

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