Last night’s storm

We had quite a storm last night. At some point there was a thunderclap so loud and close that I don’t mind admitting it scared the hell out of me & the cats. Later I think I found out just how close it was–there’s a big ol’ tree in our neighbors’ front yard that overhangs the road and our driveway. A very large limb split right off into our driveway and the road. If it had been a limb just several feet to another side it would have taken out all the power lines, etc. on the pole that goes by there.

In a way I’m surprised we didn’t lose power last night. Between the torrential downpour and the high-force winds, we really should have. However, we almost never do. We get a bunch of very brief “outages” when we get a storm–on the order of a few seconds long–and that’s usually it for about a block in every direction, while most of the other streets in a mile’s radius or so will go out entirely for hours. Someone once wondered aloud what important person lives near us that the infrastructure has been built up so nicely here. We just guess that we happen to live at the juncture of a couple of systems, such that when one cuts out another cuts in pretty quickly.

I should review the Senseo today, but I’m feeling very restless, so it might wait until Monday.

I do have to say that I continue to be in shock at how well the cafepress store is doing. We sell at least one out of mana item alone every day, on average, and of course there’s all the other stuff too. I was surprised to do a search for “world of warcraft” on CP the other day and find several of our designs on the first page of results, ordered by best selling. (Just checked again, and there are five on the first page of results today. Whooo!) However, I do have to say that if I were inclined to put bumper stickers on my car, I’d get this sticker from someone else’s shop:

Traditional edit: Restlessness has driven me to find a whole new hobby: reading the saga of AFK gamer. It’s like a soap opera for Warcraft geeks! I’m going through most of the archives now, reading about guild dramas of all kinds. The guy who writes this thing has a hysterical style and actually knows how to use the English language and all that, so it’s a ton of fun to read if you play the game. After all, guild drama can be a riot when it isn’t your guild.

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2 comments on “Last night’s storm
  1. Scott M says:

    I had to forward the link to my WoW playing friends… I think they’ll appreciate it.

  2. It’s an addiction, I tell you; an addiction!

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