Need… more… coffee…

Whooo, no infection, probably just a nasty virus. So, plenty of rest and fluids for me. If the cats let me sleep, that is.

I’ve created black t-shirt variations for nearly all of the t-shirts in the cafepress store that didn’t already have them. I was also interested to find out that they now have red t-shirts available; the “dark t-shirt” allows you to select black or cardinal as a color.

There’s so much I want to get done, and so little energy. Tons to read & review, groceries to get, cheesecake and sundae fixings to make, the renaissance festival to attend, RPG material I want to work on, the oil to clean off of the back stairs so we can let the cats back into the (finished) basement, cleaning, the downstairs bedroom to prep for a friend’s visit over the next week… But it’s 8:10 pm and I’m seriously thinking about going to bed.

Traditional edit: Had to add a link to Listen, Google; it’s the least you can do. Otherwise known as attempting to gain internet fame via putting food on your animal. Follow all the links; it’s worth taking a gander at Oolong the rabbit and the LimeKitten. Silly fun link of the day found on FARK naturally.

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