Reviewed: “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology, Third Edition”

I’m pretty much stunned by how well Joni E. Johnston’s Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology, Third Edition covers its subject, while keeping its tone light and involving. It does not sacrifice depth for readability; nor does it sacrifice readability for depth. This is one of those rare books I wish I could put into the hands of nearly everyone out there, if just to correct some of the gross misconceptions that persist regarding such issues as self-esteem and mental illness.

In unrelated news, yes, our breaker panel is completely replaced. I swear I felt like I was going into computer withdrawal while the power was out. I’m glad we got that done; the electrician found a blackened wire inside the wall. Today we’re supposed to have the inspector come out to take a look at everything, so no nap for me, which is a shame because I didn’t sleep well and I’m all sleepy. *yawn* But I seem to be getting stuff done, so, that’s good.

Speaking of which, it feels very odd to no longer be moving old reviews over to the new reviews blog. It took quite a while because we had more than 450 reviews. (No, that isn’t a misprint. I’m a reviewing fiend.) And that doesn’t include my husband’s old d20 module reviews, which he’s going to move over himself sometime soon. With my ADD/bipolar/etc. issues it can be difficult for me to stick with one thing over the long haul, but I’ve been reviewing relatively consistently for about 8 years now I think, so it seems the habit is here to stay. Which is why I’m giving in and doing more of it. I have a stack of review books a mile high, and while some days I’m too restless to sit still and read for too long at a time, I’m really enjoying working my way through them.

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