Shining Metal

I’m continually amazed by the contents of FARK photoshop threads (those things where someone presents an original image and challenges folks to come up with amazing, clever, or funny photoshopped adaptations of it). The better ones provide a world of material for writers’ exercises. In particular, the images generated using this pointy structure made my jaw drop. Each of these images, with a few exceptions, could act as inspiration for an entire fictional world, or could act as a unique story starter.

Today, check out the photos in that thread. Try to look through the entire thread before settling on an image if you can–it’s tough because there are some amazing early entries, but you don’t want to miss out on the later ones. Pick one image and do one of two things with it:

  • Use it as a story starter.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes and free-write about a fictional world inspired by that image.

Myself, I may use some of them as inspiration for a Rifts campaign I’m thinking of starting. Feel free to go back later and do the same thing all over again with other images; I can’t imagine wasting such beautiful inspirational material!

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Character Dictation Tile Box

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