The Spam Game, Part the Next

It’s time for another edition of… the Spam Game! That’s right boys and girls, this is the game where you check out your junk email folder and look for the weirdest, most off-the-wall randomly-generated spam subject line you can find. Then you imagine that this subject line represents an actual product (or service) that someone is trying to sell you, and start writing about that product. Write a sales pitch for it, describe it, write about its arrival on your doorstep after you order it, or work it into a story. If you don’t want to go trolling through your junk mail folder, here are some spam subject lines I recently received:

  • brawl curriculum
  • re: dreamsmile
  • Hi, pardon bowl
  • masseur decentralization
  • missile parish
  • priest seal
  • bullet thrilled
  • motorboat noticeably
  • antiseptic culmination
  • Better life, winter-proof
  • eviction intently
  • glorified friar
  • Best life… nebular
  • hopelessly emergent
  • matrimonial satiny
  • traumatize school
  • hundred pelican
  • antithesis aggression
  • artificial respiration washable
  • bankrupt glowworm
  • Better Success, white-acre
  • spa thimble
  • stack probe
  • trailer park racetrack
  • unholy intravenous
  • work-study frigate
  • sarcastically chicken pox

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