Treasure Tables & Snakes on a Plane

I’m finally getting around to putting up a link to recommend Treasure Tables. It’s a site dedicated to helping out GMs, and it has a ton of handy features like forums, a wiki, and so on. Martin Ralya, the guy running the place, does a fantastic job of encouraging input from readers so as to bring together a diverse array of styles and opinions. It’s only my recent lack of time that has kept me from spending much time there, and hopefully I’ll correct that!

In the meantime, I have to gush about the AD&D first edition game that started over the weekend. Gotta love a GM who has such a long-running campaign world, and such a flair for using props, that he has a pre-made selection of “chests” in small boxes containing not only a list of what you find (you get to pick the box yourself when you find a chest, so even he doesn’t know what you’ll get), but things like actual maps and such. If you find a scroll he lets you choose from a box of rolled-up scrolls. It really adds something to the game, and gives him random inspiration to work from as well.

I didn’t end up making it to the Navy game, although my husband did, and he said it was amazing. We did get to see Snakes on a Plane yesterday finally, and it was exactly what we expected: a fun, silly, entertaining movie about snakes killing people on a plane. It’s one of those movies where you don’t go in expecting great “theatre”, you just go in to have fun, and that’s certainly what we did. They did exactly what you’d hope: came up with all sorts of inventive ways for snakes to kill people and people to kill snakes. There was one thing I thought they did very well, however–they mixed up the fates of the passengers and crew enough that you could never be sure who would get killed and who would survive (with the obvious exception of Sam Jackson’s character, naturally!). Some obnoxious characters grew and changed and survived. Others got offed in fun ways. Some sympathetic characters made it while others didn’t. And there were a couple of characters that broke stereotypes in fun ways.

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