Unveiling the new super-secret Cafepress designs!

Sometimes I get a little strange, and the latest proof of this is our new series of designs: “A Housecat’s Dictionary.” These ultra-secret designs were copied at great personal risk from a housecat’s picture dictionary! The first three are up, and more are sure to come:


These are the definitions for hors d’oeuvres, leftovers, and self-activated cat toy.

Traditional edit part 1: Yes, there are more designs to come in this series. At least 15 total so far! I’ll deploy them one at a time and eventually make a calendar via cafepress out of 12 of them.

Traditional edit part 2: Check out this great cat laser chase with music!

Traditional edit part 3 on November 27: All Housecat’s Dictionary designs moved to our new Caffeinated Chicanery store.

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