Van Cleef

Here’s a design I just couldn’t quite resist making:


“I picked Van Cleef’s Pocket And lived to talk about it”

I’m thinking of making one to go with it that says, “I picked Van Cleef’s pocket And I have his pocketwatch to prove it!” — if you’ve ever picked his pocket and gotten the pocketwatch, well, you’ll understand. It’s a gray item, nothing special about it, but it’s still kinda cool to pick his pocket. Basically this is something you can pull off now that they made it possible to pick the pocket of someone who’s in combat as long as you’re still stealthed and not in combat. My husband’s 60 mage was walking me through Deadmines (I mean sheesh, I’ve done it so many times now that there’s no longer the worry of “well if I don’t do it normally I won’t know how to play”, and I’m on an old server where it can be tough to get a low-level group together), so I had the opportunity to do this. I wanted to do it for fun, so he avoided killing VC too quickly. He’s cool that way. 😉

Today was my day for getting beaten up by children. There we were in line at a store, and this one kid lifted up his brother by the waist… and then stumbled backwards stepping square on my sandaled foot. Two growing boys’ worth of weight. Ow. None of the bits after that were quite so painful, at least, but it was really a morning of parents not watching their kids. At least the boys had the good grace to look sheepish. I should note that neither of their parents noticed a thing, however, despite my hiss of pain and leaning on the counter to check my foot, and their kids suddenly settling down.

Well, back to baking cookies with me…

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