Viscotech Memory Foam Support Pillow

Pros: Fantastic neck support; incredibly comfortable
Cons: A bit expensive
Rating: 5 out of 5

For the past 14 years I’ve had a particularly difficult time finding comfortable pillows. I have a rather annoying neck injury that resulted in a compressed occipital nerve, and muscle pain where I tend to extend my neck and head too far forward. While a combination of qigong and yoga has spaced out the vertebrae enough to release the pressure, and has helped to correct the extension so as to relieve muscle strain, using a normal pillow can undo all of that hard work very quickly.

For a long time I used tube-shaped pillows filled with buckwheat hulls. They certainly relieved the pain, but the problem is that they really aren’t comfortable when I inevitably roll over onto my side. They’re perfect when I’m on my back, but I don’t stay that way. On my side my neck would get a crick, or I’d shift so my head would be supported by the pillow and then I’d end up with my ear hurting from being squished against its rather hard surface.

Finally I decided it was time to try something new. I briefly tried a memory foam pillow, one of those things that’s supposed to conform to the shape of your head, and it was certainly better than a normal pillow. I made it through several full nights before the searing agony woke me up, and it felt absolutely luxurious until then. I reluctantly gave that pillow up to my husband and ordered the Viscotech extra plush support pillow.

Honestly I wasn’t convinced that the curve in the middle–designed to produce a roll-shaped support under your neck while still supporting your head–would be enough, but I didn’t know what else to try. And I’ve been so glad that I decided to try it.

Even now it doesn’t seem like the curve in the pillow should be enough, but it is–and my neck is extremely sensitive to curvature. The two sides of the pillow provide support at different heights, and some nights I prefer one while some nights I prefer the other. The memory foam is extremely comfortable–no more ear pain when I end up sleeping on my side! The pillow also comes with a nice velour cover which is fully machine-washable, and the pillow is hypo-allergenic (definitely a plus for me).

I’ve been using this pillow for a couple of weeks straight and have had no headaches or neck pain as a result–this is the first non-tube-shaped pillow in 14 years I can say that about. It’s so nice to finally be able to luxuriate in a soft, supportive, comfy pillow. I feel positively decadent!

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