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Obviously, we post all of our book, kitchenware, software, houseware, etc. reviews here in this blog.

I (Heather) also post many of my reviews on Epinions.com, where I have been ranked as the site’s top book reviewer (judged by number of hits to reviews) for several years. When I do not post reviews there, it’s because I can’t find the exact item in their database. Often they do not add items such as books until well after they come out, and they tend to have an incomplete selection of kitchenwares and housewares. I try to check back now and then in order to add old reviews of items that have been incorporated into their database. I also put shortened versions of many reviews up on Amazon.com–these reviews are not identical to the reviews here and on Epinions; they tend to be adaptations or excerpts of those reviews. Regardless, a review goes here first and then, if appropriate, onto one or both of the other sites. Some of the oldest RPG reviews can also be found posted on RPGNet. For the moment Jeffrey posts his reviews here only.

[UPDATE (2014): Epinions is crashing and burning, and I haven’t been involved there in some time anyway. Thus I’m removing my links to my reviews there, and working on getting my reviews removed from their catalog as well. Obviously no future reviews will be posted there.]

If you find our reviews or sections of them posted elsewhere, there’s a good chance they were posted without permission (unless the site is one that syndicates content from Epinions or Amazon). If you find this to be the case, please do drop us a note. All material here is copyrighted by the review author, subject to exceptions as dictated by the terms of use of the other sites where we post. Also, if you wish to post our reviews elsewhere, we prefer that you link to the review in question, with at most a brief excerpt; however, once in a while we might give permission for a review to be reposted in whole. Make sure you ask first, however; we do not give permission after the fact.

Thank you!

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