Who knew cat furniture could be so exciting?

“Assembles in minutes” my ass. Well okay, to be fair, as the friend we picked up from the airport said, “minutes as opposed to years.” And the whole lack of “simple step by step assembly instructions” bit is why it doesn’t take minutes. I almost believe that if the big sheet of hand-drawn pictures and numbers came with some sort of explanation, it might very well take minutes. We printed out the photo, which does help a bit, but it’s taking both my husband and our friend to put this thing together (I’m trying to stay out of the way, as I expect I’d mostly help to confuse the issue). Listening to them try to puzzle this thing out is an adventure. Not a single piece of this thing is labeled or numbered in any way.

On the other hand, it isn’t even assembled and our cats are going nuts over it. So, hopefully it’ll be worth it. The faux sheep skin is delighting them, as is all the sisal rope. Being Cornish Rex cats, they’ll adore the whole 3D jungle-gym aspect of it.

I can’t wait to see the cats clambering all over this toy!

Traditional edit: Oh boy, is this going to make an interesting review. Yes, I’m going to review the cat furniture. Or in this case, more the process of assembling the cat furniture. In happy news, after I think at least 1.5 hours of assembly, the cats don’t want to leave their new toy for more than two minutes at a time.

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