A marine’s incredibly frank letter

Wow. This is an incredibly frank, detailed, and moving letter from a marine in Iraq that should (but sadly won’t) shame both sides of the political debates that rage over the war. It tells it like it truly is–good, bad, and terrifying–and the details are heart-rending, funny, surprising, and ultimately fascinating for how they differ from everything we see and hear in the news. Link found on the Applegeeks blog–thanks Ananth.

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4 comments on “A marine’s incredibly frank letter
  1. Scott M says:

    Thanks for linking to the letter.

  2. I dislike posturing and slanting of this kind of news, no matter which political group is trying to further their agenda. It’s really nice to just get a look at what’s going on from a first-person perspective, that hasn’t been written by a speech-wrter and isn’t being presented by a talking head. It’s all too easy, with the crud we get fed, to forget about the reality of the people and the events going on–and that’s what should be important, IMO, no matter your politics.

  3. drow says:

    he’s a pretty good writer, too.

  4. Yeah, that he is. I was impressed.

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