“Candy Woes”

Today, surf on over to fic_simplicity for a new prompt: candy woes. It’s the perfect Halloween-day prompt! From that page:

You can take it however you like to, really. Not enough candy? Too much candy? It’s all dependent on your creativity, and how your characters feel about candy in general. There’s a lot of wiggle room with this one, really, so don’t be afraid to tax your brains and come up with something a little different!

You can also go farther-afield than that, of course. How else might candy cause or relate to your woes? I can think of some strange, odd, and humorous possibilities for this one. Has candy somehow managed to cause a household disaster of epic proportions? Did candy kill your best friend? What’s your worst memory related to eating candy? What’s the worst thing you ever ate that you were told was candy?

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