Everyone with pets should look into this

It’s about time we had something like AvidID–a microchip your vet can implant in your pet that carries a unique ID number on it. For a one-time registration fee (with a small fee for changing your info when you move) you register your pet’s ID number. If your pet ever gets loose and picked up by a shelter or brought to a vet, they scan the microchip, pull up your contact information, and get your pets back to you.

How awesome is that?

Our cats are indoor cats. The odds that they’ll ever need this are slim. But I don’t want to take that chance–how do I know they won’t slip outside sometime and get lost? To me it’s worth it to do this for them. Sure, there’s still plenty of stuff that can go wrong if they get out, but at least I know that if someone takes them to a shelter or vet they’ll find their way home. One of our cats is already chipped, and the other will be chipped when she gets her teeth cleaned at the end of next month.

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