Gaming Revival

Yes, I did actually end up seeing South Park’s Warcraft episode. I’m not sure why some folks are calling it “an advertisement” for Warcraft, given its hilarious depiction of die-hard players as pock-marked tubs of lard with no lives; anyway, I thought it was a lot of fun.

Carnival of Gamers: Revival! is a great set of fascinating gaming links, done up in a dead-on revival style that has to be read to be believed. Link found via AFK Gamer–still one of my daily reads.

Cafepress tells me they’re aware of the bug with assembling calendars and are “working feverishly” to fix it. I buy that; they know as well as anyone else that the holiday season is the time for buying calendars and that they’re losing money by not having them available, so I expect they’ll have that fixed soon. In the meantime, our cafepress stuff has been selling well enough that we got a volume bonus for last month. Whooo! For something that started as a lark that’s incredibly cool. At this rate hopefully I’ll be able to afford Photoshop before too long and do even better designs.


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