I’m not sure whether I look more like a Klingon this morning, or the results of some mad scientist’s experiment to see if he could affix a tomato in place of a person’s head. Apparently my first set of guesses as to which foods to eliminate from my diet to relieve my allergic reaction were incorrect, at least guessing by how much worse the reaction is this morning. Time to find out whether my doctor’s clinic is open on Sundays, and if not, decide whether I need to hit the hospital.

And for god’s sake, MUST NOT SCRATCH MY FACE. So, yeah, not much useful getting done around here for the next couple of days, I’m guessing.

Traditional edit: The nurse on the phone made it clear that waiting for tomorrow to see a doc was right out, so in I went to the emergency room. Now I’m all doped up on steroids, two antihistamines (one prescrip, one otc), and an anti-itch drug. And sleepy as all hell, but that’s better than feeling like I want to rip my face off. They have nice people at the hospital ER near us. I like them. Maybe it’s just me, but I always end up feeling like I’ve gotten better care when I’ve ended up seeing a physician’s assistant/nurse practitioner, instead of an actual doctor. They seem to take more time to carefully ask questions, and they seem to care more. But maybe that’s just the folks I’ve happened to see.

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