Novelist’s Boot Camp (Review)

Today’s review is of Todd A. Stone’s Novelist’s Boot Camp. It’s a good book, and I particularly recommend it to anyone who wants to write commercial fiction. My next review book read? “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance.” Yes, you read that right. I thought it would make an entertaining and interesting departure from the usual. I’ve only started reading it, but so far I love the author’s quirky personality.

So, I don’t know why, since I couldn’t tell from our stats where most of the traffic came from (some of it was from StumbleUpon, but by no means all), but yesterday one of our old RPG/writing articles on Inspiration Cards became wildly and inexplicably popular. Whoo! Traffic is always good, and I’m fond of that old article.

Traditional edit: I stumbled across an interesting rant on nice guys. (Almost forgot–some NSFW language, particularly in the comments left by one or two people angry that the author would dare to express such sentiments.) It’s deliciously ranty, and she made some great points. I’ve run into this category of guys she’s talking about, and they’re extremely difficult to deal with. She pins many of their personality quirks dead-on, right down to the “Mr. Bad Touch” attribution, the attitude of entitlement with respect to their “intended,” and the utter lack of regard for their chosen person’s desires or feelings (which pretty much says everything right there).

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2 comments on “Novelist’s Boot Camp (Review)
  1. Scott M says:

    The Nice Guy threads always interest me; fortunately, the last few times they’ve come around [say, the last six months], they’ve clearly distinguished nice guys from “Nice Guys in name only”.

    I suppose it’s due to persistent mis-identification; shy guys seems to be the category I fell into for so long, but I remember that being labeled “nice” too. I thought of myself as a nice guy for so long that I still feel I should wade in and correct misapprehensions– fortunately, she did a good job in clearly distinguishing “nice” vs. “Nice”, though blurring it with “it’s a continuum” at the end of the first article was disappointing.

    Still, more perspective is a good thing– useful, should I ever get involved with helping someone who’s dealing with someone from either end of the issue.

  2. That’s a lot of what I liked about what she said, too. I always had difficulty explaining what it was about these supposed Nice Guys that rubbed me the wrong way (other than the fact that if they were so nice, why the heck were they so determined that they should get what they want and I should simply change my mind, as though their feelings were immutable but I could turn mine on like a switch?). I thought she did a really good job of pointing out what made them different from a true nice guy (like, oh, say, the one I married).

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