Update–T-Shirts and Review Books

Our paladin friend and I were off grinding Argent Dawn faction last night when he apparently hit a creative streak. I now have about three pages of T-shirt ideas from him–mostly tabletop roleplaying oriented, with a few Warcraft. I think this should keep us in new designs for the next few months! The first is the “Bad Dungeon Day” design:

Shirts, mugs, prints, more!

Let me tell you, it’s a challenge keeping up with him when he’s on a roll. There I was, furiously scribbling down T-shirt slogans while chasing him around Gharron’s Whithering beating up spectres and banshees. Typically we’d kill something, he’d spout off another idea, I’d stop to write it down, and by the time I caught up with him again he had the next mob down to half-health. Adventure! Excitement!

Anyway, apparently we sold enough volume to warrant getting a consult with someone in Cafepress’ Top Shop program, so I need to email them sometime today. Certainly I could use some advice, I’m sure, given that I’ve never done this kind of thing before now.

I’m reading my way through Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Self-Publisher for review at the moment. It just so happens that I recently bought the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Self-Publishing” to satisfy my own curiosity, so I’ll see if I can get both read this week before reviewing either–that way I can better compare and contrast the advice in each. Worst case it might delay me to next week.

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