World of Warcraft LFG Interface

Finally! Blizzard is adding an LFG interface to the game with the Burning Crusade expansion. It looks very handy, and I can’t wait to have it available! You can queue for multiple zones, dungeons, raids, or quests. You can auto-join or manually go through invitations. You can add comments to your LFG requests.

I really can’t wait for the expansion to come out. I’m saving up a character slot or two on my server to play Draenei, and I’m looking forward to leveling my 60 priest to 70. I can’t wait to explore Outland and play with the new Herbalism and such. I have my rogue to 59, so I’ll be able to play there with her too. Jewelcrafting also sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun. I love new toys, goodness knows!

Amazon says 11/22 for a release date. I wonder if that’s even remotely accurate?

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