Albino vampire baby freaks?!

Okay, thanks(?) to StumbleUpon I came across this disturbingly entertaining little game: Albino Vampire Baby Freaks. I have yet to figure out how half of it works, but it’s just so damn hysterical that I don’t care. I got at least one friend addicted to it already. Make sure to read the little bit of background on it, because it’s really silly and fun.

Now we’re all sitting around and groaning. Every time Bev comes into town we use it as an excuse to go to Outback, so we’re all over-full of dead cow. I should be starting in on some turkey day cooking (we did the last of our grocery shopping this morning, and our fridge is literally stuffed full), but I’m too stuffed.

I expect there won’t be a whole lot appearing from me this week, since I’ll be cooking and hanging out with our visitor. Maybe occasional updates on the flurry of cooking. Have fun!

Buttercream Frosting

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