“All men are mortal”

Take a look at the following tattoo:

(Note that if you click through and look at the full photo of the tattoo, it’s mildly NSFW, since it covers someone’s buttocks and thighs.) The translation of the runic text in the tattoo is apparently roughly as follows:

Cattle die,
kinsmen die
all men are mortal.
Words of praise
will never perish
nor a noble name.

Also from the above page:

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The other leg has another runic text: a total quote of the oldest Danish folksong, taken from an old law collection. It translates to: “I dreamed myself a dream tonight, of silk and honest cloth.”

Create a character who lives by the above quotations, or who wears such a tattoo. Start a short story with one of the above quotes. Use one of the quotes as the basis for a story idea. Journal about the quotes–what they make you think about; how they make you feel. Or, come up with some other meaning such a tattoo might have and use it in a similar manner.

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