Brand new tabletop section in the Cafepress store

I just rolled out a new subsection in the store: Adventurers’ Last Words. Anyone who’s done any gaming remembers those classic moments when someone says something innocent-yet-ominous and the whole group groans, knowing they’re probably going to die (some of these came directly from our gaming run this last Sunday!). If you have any other “last words” you’d like to see us add let us know. We have a long list, but if we don’t already have something like it we’ll see what we can do! We’re going to deploy the designs in this theme one at a time. Don’t worry, we still have plenty to do in the other areas as well. *grin* This is just a fun theme we wanted to start on before the holidays.

Cafepress has rolled out a few surprises for the holidays as well: three new dark shirt types! Women’s dark short-sleeved t-shirts, and long-sleeved dark shirts for women and men. Also, the dark t-shirts are available in four different colors now instead of just the original black: black, cardinal, navy, and military green.

I believe there’s some sort of CP sale going on for ornaments and greeting cards; keep an eye on their ads for further details, or look through our sections for the bright red sale prices. If there’s a design we don’t have available on one of those items that you’d like available on those items, let us know what the design and item are and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Also, I get the impression from current sales that the Elixir of Coffee Large Mug is going to be a popular holiday gift this year, so grab one for your favorite gamer.

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