Certifiably Bonzo*

No review today; I’m rather sleepy from spending some of the night in the ER with a friend (it’s okay; she’s fine), and the cats are preventing me from moving and thus getting to the book I want to review.

Last night I finally got around to trying GIMP, a free open-source image editing software that some folks use instead of Photoshop, which I just can’t afford right now (but could seriously use). The last time I tried GIMP (maybe 4 or 5 years ago?) I gave up in frustration. I came close to that this time–at first I couldn’t even get it to run, and now that it’s running I find the interface very non-intuitive; I constantly end up doing weird stuff I didn’t mean to, so I have to save VERY often. However, when I can figure out what I’m doing it is in fact very powerful. Here’s the first cafepress design done with it:


“Certifiably Bonzo* It’s a technical Term”

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2 comments on “Certifiably Bonzo*
  1. Brian says:

    Personally, I find Photoshop less intuitive to use than Gimp, but that’s probably because I learned Gimp first and am used to it. I wrote about Photoshop vs GIMP on my own site, but basically I think they’re both very capable programs, though photoshop has the edge if you need professional features like 16-bit editing or CMYK.

  2. I’m totally new at this, so it’s entirely probably I’d find Photoshop just as unintuitive. I’m not sure anything that complex, with that many features, really can be made intuitive–I think there’s always going to be a steep learning curve.

    Up until now I’ve been using Lineform, which is pretty simple, but also easy to use. And this all started because my husband, a friend and I had some t-shirt ideas we wanted to put up at cafepress, and much to our surprise they sold well enough to make it worth our time to keep going. So suddenly I find myself learning how to use GIMP. :}

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