“Creepy Doll”–Spiffworld

A deliciously creepy and funny music video based on a song by Jonathan Coulton and set in the World of Warcraft with great video-editing skill by Mike Spiff Booth. You don’t need to be a Warcraft fan to enjoy it! I highly recommend visiting Coulton’s site afterward and downloading his music. I plan to later today.

I think we’re going to stop bothering with the whole Halloween trick-or-treating thing. Attendance here is so anemic that it’s hardly worth it, and the kids barely even seem interested. We get fewer people every year. I’m guessing more and more parents take their kids to community events instead.

My husband has finally started doing some raiding in Warcraft. I know, rather late, but until not all that long ago he was just too busy with work. Essentially, our guild is part of a multi-guild raiding system; it’s meant to be a comparatively casual raiding guild, and most of the members are adults with families and jobs. They’ve hit the point where they can’t really take any casual part-timers along to their usual raid nights because they’re doing things that are too tough; if they take folks who don’t know what they’re doing they just don’t get any farther. So they’re starting a second raid group–run by officers from the first and a few alts of folks in the first who know what they’re doing–to give yet more casual folks the chance to get involved. My husband took the opportunity to jump in. The first time they did MC they only had 30 people, but they managed to down the first 2 bosses, which is well better than they expected to do. Last night they did AQ20 and again downed the first 2 bosses. Yay! He’s enjoying himself, and I’m enjoying listening in on the hysterical vent conversations. They only have one or two people who think they’re funny while being obnoxious; most of those folks are genuinely entertaining.

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2 comments on ““Creepy Doll”–Spiffworld
  1. Scott M says:

    We were surprised by an early rush this year; I started the night giving out good sized handfuls of candy and ended an hour later digging for a Hershey’s Kisses to finish up a group.

    It’s funny the way the trick or treat in large packs now; I remember being basically a parents + sibling group of candy hunters, but now it’s 3 or 4 family groups at a time at the door.

  2. We got a ton of folks when we lived in rural New Hampshire, but now that we’re in the outskirts of Annapolis we get almost no one. It’s so odd. There are tons of kids living around here–far more than there–but far less ToT. I really can’t think of any explanation other than the existence of more and more community events to keep the kids corralled.

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