At Despair, Inc. they have one of my favorite indulgences–the DEmotivational poster. These frobbies are like the traditional saccharine motivational posters (you know the ones: teamwork, etc. with pithy sayings added underneath and some stark photo in the middle), but with a twist: they employ a dark sense of humor and underlying pessimism in contrast to the overly-bubbly originals. One of my favorites is dysfunction, because it applies to pretty much everyone.

There’s a web tool for creating motivational posters. You can probably already guess what I’m going to suggest for today: grab a favorite photo and make your own motivational, demotivational, or inspirational poster! For bonus points, make a good handful and then pick your favorite.

This may not seem like a writing exercise, but sometimes it can be a lot more difficult to come up with a very short, succinct phrase that really hits home than an entire lovely paragraph.

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