Fit for a king

Today you’ll depict a feast prepared for a king, described (in the first or third person) from the point of view of someone preparing or attending the feast. Some possibilities are:

  • The chef
  • An assistant to the chef
  • A serving lad or lass
  • The king
  • Other dignitary
  • The king’s spouse or child
  • A host throwing the feast for the king, or the host’s spouse or child

Of course, part of this is about describing the wondrous feast and all it entails–scents, flavors, textures. Part of it is about atmosphere–both the physical style of the setting and the emotional overtones and undertones (after all, any feast thrown for a king is going to be about something, probably something important, now isn’t it?). Part of it is about taking something generic and ubiquitous (“a feast fit for a king”) and turning it into something uniquely yours, with a flavor all its own.

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