Rollercoaster Tycoon Bowling; level 70 shirts & stuff

This video makes me want to get Rollercoaster Tycoon. *grin* They match up the music with the video extremely well:

Also for fun, more than 60 videos by MarkDayComedy. I’d embed them, ’cause they’re hysterical, but there are more than 60…

Anyway, I wanted to get level 70 shirts out in time for the holidays. I know Burning Crusade isn’t coming out until the end of January or something like that, but, it’s the holidays! This means two things. One, I’m gradually rolling out level 70 designs. I think they’re better than the 60s; I’ve learned a few things since I first designed those, but they’re also still very similar. They include a couple of variations this time that they didn’t last time. Here are a few samples for ya:



We’ll discontinue all the level 60 stuff at some point, but we haven’t decided exactly when yet. Probably sometime between Christmas and the release date. In the meantime however, until we discontinue them all level 60 designs have been marked down. (There’s a limited amount I can mark things down because cafepress’ base price makes up much of the price, but there you have it.) So if you want one of the 60s, now’s the time!

Adventurers’ Last Words: Switching Weapons
Mugs, shirts, prints, more!

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