Thanksgiving cooking progress, day 2

Today I made lemon curd, macadamia cookies (very shortbread-like), and a caramel pecan cheesecake. Mmmm. This means I’m very close to being able to review “Cheesecake Extraordinaire”–I just need to finish today’s cheesecake by frosting it tomorrow.

When we lived in Boston we knew a lot of people who were current or previous students at MIT. Many couldn’t make it home for the holiday for one reason or another–they weren’t on good terms with the family; it cost too much to fly so far for such a small occasion; their families didn’t celebrate the holiday. We rounded a bunch of those folks up–we found we could handle a total of about 8 including ourselves in our apartment–and made a huge dinner, taking requests such as “something with corn” or “mashed potatoes” or “you’d better make that white chocolate cheesecake you made last year!”

I have some wonderful memories of those get-togethers, and since we moved away I’ve really missed that. We have one friend who always comes from Massachusetts to join us, and sometimes my mother makes it, although now that we’re in Maryland it’s a bit far for her to go in that kind of holiday traffic. So it’s wonderful that we’ve finally lived in Maryland long enough to start making enough friends to have folks to invite over. It gets harder as you get older; we’re at that age where a lot of the friends we make have families (their own or in-laws) to visit. But there’s always one friend or another you can drag along, and it’s so much fun to get to do that again!

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