Thanksgiving cooking progress, day 4 (and Cafepress contest)

(I’m not sure why I labeled the last post day four… it should have been three!) Yesterday we spent all day cooking, although we goofed off in the evening. We made a Black Velvet Chocolate Mousse, a lemon pudding, a cranberry mold (using plain gelatin and cranberry cocktail, not jello), bacon cheddar biscuits, parmesan herb drop biscuits, and a wild mushroom topping for bread (or whatever). We also made the frozen coffee yogurt for the Cafe Viennese Yogurt Milkshakes recipe, and the crusts for the two pies. Today, even more cooking!

By the way, Cafepress is holding a bit of a contest for its shopkeepers. We entered our Out of Mana dark T-shirt. I know, I know, an RPG design probably doesn’t stand a chance against Santas and political humor. But that won’t stop me from trying! So, our OoM dark T-shirt is discounted through December 24 at the above (or below) URL. Buy one for your favorite gamer for the holidays!

Out of Mana Dark T-Shirt

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